We do not believe that facial aging is expressed only in wrinkles and folds on the skin, its sagging, pigmentation and loss of elasticity. In our opinion, this is a very superficial and primitive view. The skin is the last to give up under the pressure of deformation and drying of the muscular corset of the face, impaired posture and tension, which are the result of stress. There are over 60 muscles under the skin that attach to 29 bones of the skull. This is precisely where age-related changes initiate.

We use various massage techniques and provide recommendations for self-administered massage and exercises aimed at reducing the hypertension of the cervical and facial muscles.

We help with

· Restoration of the facial and skeletal muscle tone;

· Improvement of posture and patterns of motor movement;

· Improvement of vascular macro- and micro circulation in the neck and face;

· Improvement of the aesthetic appearance of the face.

We offer a natural alternative to invasive, appliance-driven cosmetology and plastic surgery. In contrast to aggressive cosmetology procedures, we will help to keep your face mobile and vibrant, retaining its unique individual features. The impact of such procedures does not target the consequences of age-related changes, but rather addresses the underlying cause, which will help to prolong and restore the natural youth of the face and neck. Let’s deploy the mechanisms of self-renewal of the body, improving the aesthetic appearance and health that result from the fact that tissues receive vital trace elements, enzymes, nutrients and vitamins through the bloodstream. We aim to restore the shape of the chin, cheeks, lower jaw, helping to lengthen the neck, smooth wrinkles, etc.